Our Team


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Maryann Hedaa

Maryann is the Co-Founder of Makers Point and has been working in the Hunts Point community since 2002.  Maryann founded St. Ignatius Middle School for Girls in 2003 and the Hunts Point Alliance for Children in 2007.  Prior to her work in Hunts Point Maryann taught at Columbia Business School and Boston College Graduate School of Theology.  In 1990 she was named the Director of the Institute for Not for Profit Management and Associate Dean of Executive Programs at Columbia Business School.  A graduate of St. Johns University, Saint Mary’s College, Columbia Business School and Boston College Graduate School of Theology, Maryann is currently working on a book titled Beauty In Hiding: Contemplations on Children and Poverty.  


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Lilly Icikson

Lilly is the Executive Director and  Co-Founder of Makers Point. Previously, she worked at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in the government management consulting services practice.  Based in Washington, DC, Lilly worked primarily with HUD and HUD-grantees to provide on-site technical assistance and general management consulting services on housing and economic development issues, including strategic planning, needs assessments, performance measurement and staff training.  For the past 10 years, Lilly has been a volunteer leader at a K-8 school in NYC where she led the school’s parent and community programming. She was elected to the Board as a Trustee six years ago and is currently an officer on the Executive Committee.  Lilly earned a master’s degree in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a BA from Barnard College. 


Pety Acebo, Treasurer and Secretary

James Boyd, Jr.

Jess Dannhauser

Lois A. Ebin

Maryann Hedaa, Vice President

Lilly Icikson, President

J. Scott Scherer, Chair

Yuval Sheer