Hunts Point Habla! Hunts Point Speaks!

Hunts Point Habla! is a community-based project to talk and listen to local residents. Framed as an ongoing conversation, we want to hear what residents think about their community and how they wish to improve the quality of life in Hunts Point.  At the end of this project, we expect to understand residents' hopes and identify projects that have community support.

We plan to speak with as many people as possible over the next few months. Our team of young, local leaders will be at community events and on the street to ask residents for ideas. When you see our team at community events and around the neighborhood, talk to us about your hopes for Hunts Point. We will share your ideas online where everyone can comment and add more ideas.

Makers Point is leading this project with young Hunts Point residents and with the support of local organizations and the Hunts Point Alliance.  

For more information on Hunts Point Habla! contact Stephanie at